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Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing

Modeled after cutting-edge engineering schools, inspired by Project Lead the Way and endorsed by business partners and post-secondary institutions.

The St. Louis CAPS Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing course is designed for students who are interested in engineering and manufacturing fundamentals, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Students will be immersed with engineers and manufacturers using state-of-the-art tools and software to create and test 3D prototypes solving complex problems. Students will apply lean manufacturing processes that create value for customers and drive out the waste in production. Students experience hands-on, active learning with full immersion in real-world projects sponsored by business partners. Students work in multidisciplinary teams to provide innovative solutions to a company's real-world problems. Engineering projects are tailored to student interest in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, software/computer, architecture, advanced manufacturing, robotics, biological, and environmental. Students have the opportunity to complete the PLTW capstone course requirements as part of the CAPS experience. Students will have the opportunity to complete job shadows, internships, and receive college credit.

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