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Medicine, Health Care & Bioscience

Explore a variety of healthcare career fields in hospital environments through PLTW Biomedical & related curriculum, projects, site visits, and job shadowing opportunities.

The St. Louis CAPS Medicine, Health Care and Bioscience course provides access to real world experiences in the dynamic field of health care. Alongside some of the region's most experienced medical professionals, students will advance their understanding of human physiology, disease process, medical terminology, patient care, professionalism, ethics, and explore many career opportunities.

Students will expand upon principles of human physiology through in-depth case studies of body systems, develop fluency in basic medical language, formulate treatment plans for patients, practice physical assessment skills, and perform patient care and life-saving procedures within a high-fidelity simulation lab. These activities are designed to enhance student analysis and problem solving skills. Students self-select a capstone project for the semester that involves connecting with mentors in their area of interest to develop a project that is real, relevant, and of service to the community. Representing a wide spectrum of health care careers, expert guest speakers provide advanced instruction in the medical specialties of anesthesia, cardiology, dermatology, obstetrics, oncology, orthopedics, nephrology, internal medicine, family practice, general surgery, and much more.  

Students learn directly from medical professionals while participating in site visits to a variety of health care facilities that expose students to medical professions, medical research, and innovative advancements. Students have the opportunity to complete the PLTW capstone course requirements as part of the CAPS experience. Students will also have the opportunity to complete an internship with a business and industry partner. College credit is available.

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