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St. Louis CAPS Student Participates in Elevator Pitch Competition

On Sunday, December 2nd, the St. Louis University High School Elevator Pitch Competition occurred at the Metropolitan Square Building in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  This competition required students to submit a 30-second pitch about an existing business or business idea/concept and post it to the university’s Instagram account.  From the vast amount of submissions, judges narrowed the field down to twelve finalists, including Global Business & Entrepreneurship associate Justin McCrady, and Technology Solutions & Logistics associate Lee Kreutzman.
While Kreutzman was unable to attend the in-person competition due to an out-of-town event, his idea for an E-Sports Gaming cafe impressed the first round judges.  This cafe would allow e-sports gamers a place to come together as a community to practice and network with one another and their respective e-sports teams.  This subsequently would help e-sports grow a larger presence in the midwest region.
McCrady was able to attend the finals competition and arrived early Sunday morning to prepare.  Surrounded by his fellow competitors, McCrady reviewed his concept – “Protacts.”  Unlike regular contact lenses, Protacts would have a special tint on them to help block electromagnetic radio waves that are emitted by a user’s cell phone.  Too often, individuals look closely – and for extended periods of time – at their phones, not realizing the heat associated with the waves from their phone could potentially negatively impact the tissues in the brain or the body (depending on how the radiation enters).
When the competition began, students rode up and down the elevators, pitching (in just 30 seconds) their business concept/idea.  Judges provided students with their business cards if they agreed with – or would possibly back – their idea and delivery.  Both professionalism, creativity, and the ability to successfully relay the concept within just 30 seconds was imperative.  After the competition, several judges approached McCrady to ask follow-up questions and learn more about his innovative and impressive concept.  It was a great opportunity to not only network but to also cultivate vital professionalism skills.  Congratulations to all competitors, especially our CAPS finalists!